Located in the well-respected offshore jurisdiction of Mauritius with world-class strategic shareholders including IBL ltd, National Bank of Canada (NBC) and Intrasia Capital (Singapore). Representative Offices in Johannesburg & Cape Town, AfrAsia Bank is the ideal partner to help both private and corporate clients benefit from the strategic advantage with the country's network of DTAs and its membership to SADC and COMESA.


AfrAsia Bank's experienced international and regional bankers and strategic partners deliver tailored and innovative International Banking, Private Banking and Corporate Banking solutions while ensuring that customers benefit from dedicated relationship management and client service with the following commitment:


  • Opening of accounts GBC1, GBC2, International Business Companies, Protected Cell Companies, Trusts & other corporate vehicles within 24 hours subject to receipt of all required documentation
  • Flexibility in procedures and quick decision making
  • Free and secured Internet Banking, both viewing and transacting
  • Extended cut-off time for international remittances
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers to manage your money 24/7
  • Competitive interest rates in all main currencies
  • We can help you manage your accounts, investments and foreign exchange while providing professional, efficient and confidential services for your international banking needs.


Through our associate company, AfrAsia Capital Management, we are able to provide our clients with sophisticated investment products and structures that offer participation in several regions including South East Asia, India and Africa with exposure to sectors such as equities, commodities and metals, hedge funds and other asset classes.